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A Passion to Serve

Mason Murphy, a new board member shares his story:

I was born at a birth weight of one pound ten ounces and dropped to one pound six ounces overnight.  Born four months premature at the twenty-sixth week, the doctors told my parents that I would not make the night.  I did make the night!  I was diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity (RLP).  RLP is caused due to oxygen damage to the eyes.  I was blind in my left eye and had limited sight in my right eye.  I was able to see shapes and colors.

Throughout my life I would go through multiple eye surgeries.  I would have my blind eye removed as a teenager and I was given a prosthetic eye.  I would have glaucoma eye surgeries in my right eye throughout my twenties and thirties to maintain my eye sight.

I became a Christian at the age of eight.  I was at a church cookout for boys my age and after the pastor was done with the sermon he asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ to please stand up.  I stood up and I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.  This warm cool peaceful feeling came over my entire body and I knew at that moment that everything in life was going to be okay.  Growing in my faith throughout my life was very easy.  Because of my visual impairment, I had a constant conversation with God every day.  I relied on him to get me through the challenges of the day and reflected with him on the management of those challenges in the evening.  I knew that being visually impaired was God’s perfect design for my life.  I have always said that if I were offered the ability to see that I would not take it because I have already gotten to live an amazing life just as I am.

I currently work as a career counselor in Career Services at Texas State University and I am a member of Promiseland San Marcos church.

I support Central Texas LifeCare, CTLC because this organization is different from any other pro-life nonprofit that I have ever experienced.  The staff and volunteers quietly and humbly are doing God’s work and simply taking care of the women in the community.  I have a heart for this ministry because I am a living example of the pro-life movement.  I know that CTLC is saving babies and reaching families just like my family.

M Murphy
Mason Murphy