The Miracle Before Christmas

The Miracle before Christmasbaby blog Christmas_edited_border

Working in a pregnancy center is a place where staff and volunteers give their heart, love, and prayers. We pray for clients to have healthy babies, become good mothers and fathers, for the miracle of unplanned pregnancies to become blessings.

This week we had a woman come visit our center wanting to pick up literature for her niece’s school assignment.  She also wanted to share that 21 years ago she too had been a client at Central Texas LifeCare.  With tears in her eyes, she said, “This place saved my life!” At 17 years old, a junior in High School, she was not ready to have a baby. Abortion was her only option.  Her visit at CTLC confirmed she was pregnant and she immediately called to set up an appointment to terminate her pregnancy. This young woman went to work that afternoon at a local establishment where she shares her secret with her manager. She felt the need to tell her because she would be needing the day off the following day for the procedure. Upon hearing her reason for missing work, her manager compassionately shares with her that her baby deserves a chance at life. She said that she cared too much about her to allow her to go through this alone and that she would be sharing this information with her pastor to pray for a miracle.  Fortunately this pastor knew this young woman and decides   to reach out to the pastor of her church. He has a conversation with the pastor of her church and both believed this would be a tragedy and had a sense of urgency to act swiftly. The family’s pastor reached out to her parents and they all agreed this baby is not a mistake. This baby is their grandbaby! The next day they spoke to their daughter, before her scheduled abortion appointment that day, and this young women with her family support chose to embrace her blessing.

Needless to say this unplanned pregnancy has turned out to be the biggest blessing of her life. Her 21-year-old has lived a vivacious life filled with accomplishments and dreams. He was an athlete in high school. Upon graduating he attended a trade school and now works in the family business.  So, in this amazing season of Christmas, we celebrate that the Son of God became flesh as a tiny, vulnerable baby. Life is a miracle!   


2 Corinthians 9:15

“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.”



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