Desperate, Scared and Alone

What is the solution for the desperation?  For me, it was a mixture of parsley, ginger, cinnamon, a perfect concoction to cause an at home abortion according to google.  I could not afford the cost of the abortion procedure, but i was determined to find a way out!  It was NEVER my dreams to be a mother, so seeing those two lines confirming a positive result was my worst nightmare.  I sat in front of the counselor shaking my head no, as other options were discussed.  I showed no emotion to the 7 week baby’s beating heart on the ultrasound screen.  I left the pregnancy center and found myself praying to a God I didn’t think listened.  I drove home to the tune of that baby’s beating heart playing back non-stop.  That night the Lord spoke to me in a dream and it felt so real.  He used my baby’s lullaby to soften my heart of stone.  I just kept thinking of this baby.  I was being so selfish to only be thinking of myself.  I made this baby, its growing inside me already, and it has a heartbeat, and already loves me without even knowing me.  How could I ever live with the thought of ending it’s life?

This is a story written by a client we served at Central Texas LifeCare.  It is not very different from many stories we hear on a daily basis.  Clients come in nervous, scared and with very little or no support.  They find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy.  Here at CTLC we have dedicated staff and volunteers ready to educate and support men and women with all of their options.

Our work is made possible through the generous support of donors who have a heart to support a ministry that saves the life of the unborn.  As you have read in the client’s story,  God is changing hearts at CTLC.  Help us to continue to be a voice for the weakest of God’s precious children, and reach out in love and compassion to their fathers and mothers.

Please consider donating to Central Texas LifeCare before the end of the year.  Together we can make a difference.  Together, we can #Give4Life.

Please visit our website to see all of the opportunities available to help our clients and center today.

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